About europe customs consult

Since we started as a government employee to establish the real origin (preferential and non-preferential) of goods imported from the Asian market to Europe using GSP Form A, the idea was quickly raised to do this independently as there are some limitations when working for government or a body of the European Commission. Since we started our work, we could help companies, mainly in Indonesia and Vietnam, but also here in Europe, to build solid foundations for sustainable success. And this is a very fulfilling job to do: planting something, watching it grow and to harvest more success in the future. We have made a good job if people come to us and ask for help. Our secret of success: happy customers!

Having seen different sides, exporting companies in Asia, European governments and customers, we have developed something which is very unique in the market: awareness-raising training and practical advice showing why it is so important to have good documentation, how to avoid standard mistakes and how to lower the risk of an investigation regarding origin and anti-dumping duties. And in all things we do we add an European perspective, because this is what matters if you have to deal with European authorities and customers. Please go to services to see what we can do for you or to the examples section to see, what mistakes could have been avoided with our help.


Recent references:

2018: Mission to Malaysia with the European Anti Fraud Office (OLAF, a body of the European Commission) to verify the non-preferential origin of solar modules.

One travel to Vietnam with OLAF to establish the origin (preferential and non-preferential) of hand pallet trucks exported from Vietnam to Europe

2017: Two travels to Indonesia to establish the preferential origin of alloy wheels exported to Germany produced by all major Indonesian manufacturers.