Short vita

April 2019: launch of europe customs consult
Freelance lecturer for Hamburg Customs Academy

Since March 2017: Case officer

Central Customs Authority, Customs Criminological Office, Cologne (Germany) 

- Processing of AM-Communications submitted by OLAF (undervaluation, tariff, transshipment / origin cases)
 - Data analysis of import data
 - Coordinate necessary investigations within German customs

(please see references for more information)

February 2013 to February 2017: Customs officer at Cologne/Bonn airport

Main Customs Office Cologne, Cologne (Germany)
 - Clearance of imported goods including all relevant customs proceedings
 - Training instructor for junior employees
 - Working visit to Finnish customs in Helsinki (end of 2013)
 - Attended IPR training course held by German Anti-Counterfeiting Association

August 2012 to January 2013: Case officer

Main Customs Office Cologne, Cologne (Germany)

- Dealing with redress procedures regarding
 - customs value
 - tariff code
 - customs proceedings including retrospective approvals

August 2009 to July 2012: Customs school

Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences, Münster (Germany)

Graduation in tax administration ("Diplom-Finanzwirt FH") 
 December 2005 to July 2009: Student assistant

University Hospital of Cologne, Cologne (Germany)
 - Worked for an empirical research group
 - Maintenance and improvement of a Microsoft Access Database
 - Controlling tasks (surveillance of response rate by physicians, monitoring of other student assistants within the team)
 - Personnel responsibility as a team leader and preselecting new candidates 

Grown up bilingually (German and Portuguese). English at level B2 according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages  



Differences between the Finnish and German customs authorities.
 Original title: Unterschiede zwischen der finnischen und der deutschen Zollverwaltung.
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 Commentary on the article “Coffee for a knocked-down prize”
 Original title: Anmerkung zum Beitrag “Kaffee zum Spottpreis"
 In: BDZ magazin, Fachteil 12/2011, F96.
 BDZ Deutsche Zoll- und Finanzgewerkschaft, Berlin, 2011.

 Search for identity and ego in Fernando Pessoa's Hora Absurda.
 Original title: Identität und Ich-Suche in Hora Absurda von Fernando Pessoa.
 Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt, 2007.

 From 9/11 to the Iraq War - The era of (counter) terrorism
 Original title: Vom 11. September zum Irakkrieg - Das Zeitalter des (Anti-)Terrors
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 Thematic picture for the German Federal Fiscal Association in: General principles of the tax advisor's profession
 Original title: Leitbild des steuerberatenden Berufs.
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 Youth and parliament 2003.
 Original title: Jugend und Parlament 2003.
 Berlin, 2003.


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