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If you are a company in Europe and import goods from third countries using certificates of origin or if you are a company outside Europe and export goods to Europe using certificates of origin, then this is the right section for you.

Our German customers we also help to claim reimbursements at their competent customs office.

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Awareness raising training

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If you use or consider to use certificates of origin (CoOs), it is very important to have detailed documentation and to have good product labelling. In this training, we will show the most common mistakes which are still made today and how you can avoid them. Also a first factory tour and a first look at your documents used for applying for CoOs can be made to get a first impression. 
We will give you a short overview how anti-dumping and anti-circumvention investigations work, which parties and countries might be involved and what impact this may have to your customers or to you as a manufacturer / seller.

You can have a look at some of these mistakes at our examples section. Avoiding common mistakes and having good documentation is crucial to prevent that attention from authorities is drawn to you and that investigations are conducted. 

Especially in Germany the importers of goods are responsible that the requirements for using CoOs are met, too. Otherwise they might be charged with additional duties and antidumping duties. 

At this training session, we will also talk about non-preferential origin. There might be some cases where there are no import duties because of a CoO, but for some reasons antidumping duties can still be levied because the requirements for non-preferential origin are not met. 

Please contact us to submit your individual training request and of course to ask any question.

Rules of origin - training, checking and documentation

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Good and complete documentation is crucial if you want to ship or receive goods with preferential treatment. In particular, customers in Europe which import goods using certificates of origin have the obligation to exercise dilligence. In its decision C47/16 of 16 March 2017, the Court of Justice of the European Union has pointed out that the importer is (partly) responsible to prove under which conditions a certificate of origin (in particular  a "Form A") is issued. In addition, if there are doubts as to the correctness of a certificate of origin, the importer has the duty to gain information about this procedure (of issuing).
The Hamburg Finance Court said it even more clearly: if a subsequent verification of proof of origin can't confirm the origin stated in a certificate of origin, the goods concerned are without origin and therefore not eligible for preferential treatment (see decision 4 K 265/15). In this context the importer should be sure that no certificates of origin and other shipping and customs documents are falsified and no criminal energy is used in whatever extent.
No matter if you need training or checking for specific products to apply for certificates of origin or if you wish to take all possible precautions by proper documentation (as a importer or exporter) to protect you and your customers, europe customs consult can help. Please leave a message to tell your needs, together we will find the right service for you.

Support for verification visits and investigations

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You have been informed that a Member State or a body of the European Union is conducting an investigation and is planning to do a verification visit at your premises. You might feel worried, but there is no need if you are well prepared. Europe customs consult can explain to you what will happen during a verification visit and which consequences the possible outcomes may have. If you wish, europe customs consult will join the verification visit in your company as a neutral party.
In general, there are three types of investigations: anti-dumping or anti-circumvention investigations which focus on the origin of a product, anti-subsidy investigations if market prices for imported goods are considered too low and so called safeguards to protect an EU industry if unforseen and sudden increase of imports hit the EU market. Please check the OLAF/EU investigations section for more information.
Europe customs consult has its focus on anti-dumping, anti-circumvention and any other investigations concerning the origin of a product. Please leave us a message if you are expecting a verification visit to discuss how we can work together.

European customs law / Other services

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If you want to understand your customer's needs a little bit better or if your employees need some training, we can explain to you some basics about European customs law and procedures. Or, if you have any other request which is not listed on this webpage, please feel free to contact us. We can also help with other things like apply for reclaims if the opposition period has already expired or help you to find the right department of your customs authority if you have a specific issue. Or you want to pre-check your documents before sending / receiving goods in the EU. We are happy to receive your request and to find out how we can help you.


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